Once Upon a Time

About me

Baking is a family business for me. I was born into five generations of bakers and in fact, I learned how to make dough even before walking.

I started helping out my parents in the family bakery in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy at a very young age and finally I took over and became the owner by the age of 18. At 20, I decided to leave the small town behind to face a new challenge in the Big City and moved to Milan, where I worked in a restaurant as a pizza maker for 5 years. During this period, I also supervised the opening of a second location in Bangkok, Thailand and worked there for a year.

After coming back to Italy, I realised that even the Big City was too small for me and decided to move to Canada.

I worked for a few restaurant as a pizza maker and specialty food baker but eventually decided to dedicate myself to my true passion: pastry.

Despite living in different Countries, I am proud of and attached to the Italian culinary tradition and I try to share my heritage with other people. I still follow old and traditional family recipes

that were passed on from my grandparents to my mother and then myself, bringing the true Italian flavours with a modern twist.

Authentic Italian Sweets, Nonna approved!